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The Exposure Podcast by The Expo Group

The Exposure Podcast is produced by The Expo Group, an exhibitions and events partner that invests in growth.  Hosts Dana Freker Doody and Todd Carruth connect with thought leaders each month about what's happening in the trade shows, exhibits and meetings industry. 

Nov 3, 2020

This month, Todd and Dana visit with event producer, consultant and entrepreneur Martha Donato from MAD Event Management about her recent live event Expo Recovery and discover what she and other organizers are talking about when it comes to the future of events.  Plus, we discover what our hosts are binging this past...

Oct 5, 2020

This month, Todd and Dana visit with David Audrain from ExpoDevCo and SISO and get his thoughts on what needs to happen to get events moving forward again as well some great insights on advocacy. Plus, we discover what our hosts have been binging this past month and get some great tips on virtual storytelling. 

Sep 1, 2020

This  month, Dana and Todd visit with The Expo Group's new Public Health Advisor Lauren Sauer about the overall state of the pandemic and her suggestions on how to mitigate risk and move forward with live events and trade shows.   Also, another edition of What Are You Binging plus the 3 Cs of content. 

Aug 5, 2020

This month, Todd and Dana share insights on our recent Right Tech webinar, the Together Again Expo and we visit with performance coach Lindsey Davis and our VP, Strategic Services at Level 5 Events by The Expo Group JoAnn Peroutka about delivering content effectively especially in the virtual/hybrid environment. 

Jul 5, 2020

This month, Exhibitor Magazine Editor Travis Stanton shares some valuable research about COVID 19's impact on the trade show industry and reveals what many event professionals are thinking about when it comes to moving forward together. 

Plus, "What Are You Binging" food edition and another Monthly Mindful...